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From the origins to the present

The song "Els Goigs del Roser" were the origen and still are today the center of our festival. The "Els Gooigs del Roser" text, transmitted by oral tradition, literally coincides with the manuscrit 854, fols.113 i manuscrit 854, fols.114 fifteenth century, preserved in the Library of Catalonia, which is the oldest document of the "Els Goigs del Roser".


The song that is sung in Sant Julia is native structure is close to the medieval mode first.


Goigs del Roser 2 

Homage to Santi Riera Subirachs in Montserrat

Last summer, in the meetings of the song for the liturgy leaders performed every year in Montserrat, a tribute was held at Santi Riera Subirachs, born on October 26, 1935 and died the past March 11, 2018.

For the celebration of the tribute, it was produced a booklet of songs created, harmonized and / or arranged by Santí Riera that could be consulted and downloaded by clicking here.



The caramelles are an alive festival, rooted and widespread throughout Catalonia and constitute one of the identifying characteristics of Catalan customs.

On Sant Julia de Vilatorta the caramelles originated within the Confraternity of the Roser, founded in 1590 on our people and sealed by the founding bull dated 23 February 1592 which is preserved in the Archives of Vic.

Since then, every year without interruption, has been practicing this tradition and has become one of the main festivals of our calendar.



Translated by Google translator

Farewell to Santi Riera

issued by the Caramelles del Roser Association on the occasion of their death  

"Music is an essential part of the formation of the sensitivity of the people," you told us, Santi. That's how it has been during these years that you have transmitted the passion for music to the Caramellesdel Roser.

Always looking for perfection and with your elegant outfit, we have admitted hundreds of music pieces. All this with attitude melody: perseverance and kindness. That is why you are and will be a reference of the Caramelles del Roser, as musical director icompositor, but above all, as a person.

You have always been a friend of your friends and a trusted conversator. Conversations that occurred both on excursions with "Els Roads" and at breakfast in Puig-l'agulla, among others.
Cultural and political activist, you have shown a degree of commitment, commitment and esteem towards your country and people. You have become a patrimony of Sant Julià de Vilatorta and, above all, of Caramelles del Roser.

We can not thank you for everything you have done for the entity and the patience that you have had. We can not forget the anecdotes, tunes and all the songs that you have taught us. Your name will resonate with each of the candies.

We'll find you a lot to miss.

Thank you for everything,

Asociación Caramelles del Roser

Sant Julià de Vilatorta. March 13, 2018.


 MG 8693


Monday, March 30, at 8 pm in the Aula de Culture

  • Presentation of the commemoration of 425 years of the Caramelles del Roser
  • Opening of the exhibition of works by theme caramellaire

Program-booklet events of 425 years.

Click here to consult the program-booklet to know better the Caramelles del Roser environment and Sant Julià de Vilatorta, in its 425th anniversary.LOGO425


Sunday, April 5, Easter Day

  • The Easter Day of the Caramelles del Roser

Friday, April 10, at 11:30 night at the sportive zone

  • Concert in celebration of 425 years of Caramelles del Roser with the Troba Kung-Fu

Saturday, April  19:30 hours, at the Catalonia Hall (Salò Catalunya).

  • Video projection "Caramelles del Roser  of Sant Julia de Vilatorta,"  by Xevi Pona and Anton Carrera
  • Conference: "The traditions, identity signs of a country" by Antoni Dalmau

Sunday, April 12

  • Day of Celebration of the 425 years of the Caramelles del Roser.


El 13 de març de 2013, a l’ajuntament de Sant Julià, l’alcalde Joan Carles Rodriguez, el regidor de cultura Lluís Vilalta, el president de les caramelles Santi Riera i el vicepresident Joan Colomer, van fer a mans del director general de Cultura Popular de la Generalitat de Catalunya, Lluís Puig i Gordi, la petició formal i un ampli dossier explicatiu de la sol·licitud que les Caramelles del Roser siguin declarades Festa Patrimonial d’Interès Nacional.

 L’objectiu és que la declaració coincideixi amb la celebració dels 425 anys.



According to the official statement that we have received from the" Direcció General de Cultura Popular, Associacionisme i Acció Culturals" from the Department of Culture of the Government of Catalonia:

The Caramelles del Roser from St. Julià de Vilatorta have been inscribed on the Festive Heritage Catalogue of Catalonia as a Festive Element.

Now, to show the Festive Element cataloged, can use the official logo Festive Heritage of Catalonia.

To view the full officila statement click here and to view the communication letter click here.


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