In 2020 we are going to sing a new caramella.

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In the Easter of 2020, we are going to sing a new caramella.

The song that we will premiere in 2020 was initially composed by the master Santi Riera Subirachs, but it was unfinished on the occasion of its death. This year 2019 the young composer Jofre Bardolet and Casadevall completed the composition and harmonization of the piece trying to hold at any time the original idea of its creator. The resultant is a piece of 3 voices, partly with rhythm of sardana, called Festivola, and that we have cataloged with number 49.

The lyrics are from the poet Anton Carrera i Busquets, habitual collaborator of the Caramelles del Roser. The song describes poetic elements of our environment that entrust a festive tone of the celebration of Easter, which is the reason of the title of Festivola.

You can find all the information about the piece, lyrics, scores and synthesizing sound of the different voices in the Repertory section of the web or by cliking here directly.