Extraordinary measures coronavirus

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Update 03.04.2020.

As consequence of the health crisis situation, the Caramelles del Roser board has unanimously decided to permanently cancel the pending rehearsals, the traditional singing on Easter Sunday and the brotherhood lunch which is held annually. If you want to know the alternative event that we will organize the Eastern sunday click here.

Update 24.03.2020.

Given the current situation, the trials for March 27 and April 3 have been canceled. About the last trial of April 10 and Easter Sunday we are waiting for the evolution of the situation.

Update 19.03.2020.

The City Council of Sant Julià de Vilatorta has decided to cancekl definitively the Aplec Caramellaire to be celebarted this year. As a result we canceled the essay on Friday, April 17th and any other activities related to the Aplec. Click here for more. 

Extraordinary measures for the current coronavirus pandemic affecting Catalonia.

In accordance with the provisions of the Government of Catalonia and the Sant Julià de Vilatorta City Council, the Caramelles del Roser board has decided to annul the trials on Friday 13 and 20 March 2020, and thus duly notified to those affected.

Regarding the programming for the rest of the season, as well as the performances on Easter Sunday and the Aplec Caramellaire, we will be aware, as it could not be otherwise, of the decisions and recommendations of the corresponding authorities and of the experts in the field to act accordingly. As events progress and more information becomes available, timely notification will be given.

The Caramelles del Roser board in Sant Julià de Vilatorta on March 12, 2020.