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According to the wikipedia, an Auca is an artistic document that is a specific issue explained how an history: traditionally consists of 48 images pigeonholed into vignettes, each of which is accompanied by two lines at the bottom of each vignette by a roll. To find more information click here. 

The Auca of the Caramelles del Roser on 48 vignette  format. Click on the image to see the full Auca document.Auca Caramelles del Roser

      The Auca of the Caramelles del Roser on book format. Click on the image to see the full Auca book.Auca Caramelles del Roser llibre
If you are interested in to have a copy of the Auca in any of the two available  formats, please contact us clicking here.

Published in 2007, the Caramelles del Roser were recorded their first CD with 14 pieces of his repertoire. If you are interested in a copy of the CD please contact with us clicking here.

You can also view the full contents of the CD booklet by clicking here:  Fullet_CD_2007


The CD repertoire.

  Click on the name of the caramella to see the lyrics of the piece and all the information available.
 1 Goigs del Roser  Anònim  6.09
Som vilatortins Manuel Suñé i Cervian 2.15
Himne dels caramellaires Santi Riera i Subirachs 3.06
Quatre-cents anys Manel Rodriguez i Suñé 2.30
5 Rosa vera Manel Balasch i Suñé 3.07
6 Terra endins Manel Rodriguez i Suñé 3.31
7 Camí de la carena Oriol Tafanell i Silvestre 2.14
8 Afanys de confraria Manel Balasch i Suñé 3.00
9 Nit de pasqua Manel Balasch i Suñé 3.12
10 Canço d'abril Manel Balasch i Suñé 4.32
11 Cançó del bell indret Carles Cases 1.09
12 La lluna brilla hermosa Manuel Suñé i Cervian / Arj.Manuel Suñé i Riera 3.32
13 Corrandes Santi Riera i Subirachs 1.48
14 Adéu-siau Manel Balasch i Suñé 2.51

Accordion: Pere Codina i Molist                                                FulletCD

Bass: Manuel Suñé i Riera

Conductor: Manel Marsó i Fabregà

The book "Les Caramelles del Roser de Sant Julià de Vilatorta" was published in 1990 to mark the celebration of the fourth centenary of the organization.

The authors were Anton Carrera, Carmen Font, Santi Riera, Lluis Vilalta and Maria Vilamala with some words of presentation from M. Aurelia Capmany and the introduccion wrote by Antoni Pladevall.

If you are interested in a copy of the book puseu contact us clicking here.